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Backcountry Huts Survey

University of Waikato

Our names are Trent Maguire and Aleisha Coombes, we are fourth year students studying civil engineering at the University of Waikato. We are currently working on a research and development project where we are looking at methods that could potentially make backcountry huts safer for users and the environment. From our research we will create a design that could be used for new hut locations and replacing current huts.

To gain as much information as possible on this topic we have decided to create a survey which will allow the users of these huts to have a say in what they would like to see in new huts.

We would very much appreciate your help in the distribution of our survey to ensure that it reaches as many users of the backcountry huts as possible, allowing us to get a good understanding of what they want.

The survey has been approved through the University of Waikato Ethics Committee and is completely voluntary to everyone who participates. Participants will have the opportunity to withdraw from the survey at any time throughout its 7-minute duration. No personal data will be collected at any point during survey.

Thanks for your time, we hope you can help us distribute our survey.

Aleisha Coombes and Trent Maguire.

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