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Lodge - Overnight Car Parking

Club Portal - Bookable Parking 2021

What you need to know

A car park booking system at Iwikau Village is in place for six weekends from 31 July to 5 September inclusive. This may change if the region moves to COVID Alert Level 2 or higher.

Club members staying overnight (including life and season pass holders) will need to book for every night of their stay during the bookable period/s. (ie book for both Friday and Saturday nights if arriving on Friday, this means you are booked for both Saturday and Sunday).

A PIN login to access the Club/Lodge carpark booking system will be provided only to club members who have confirmed accommodation. Note, the PIN will be subject to change should any part of the portal be misused. If this occurs, clubs will be updated.

Club members will be able to book ahead of their planned stay by using the Club/Lodge carpark booking portal. This is an improvement on last year as the club/lodge portal is not subject to the Wednesday releases that the main bookable system is.

Club members will need to book even if they plan to arrive on the Friday night so that they can arrive through the control point in the morning should their evening arrival be delayed for any reason.

If club members cancel/change their accommodation booking, they should also cancel/change their car park booking.

For club members visiting the Turoa Ski Field; they will need to book a day park using the main RAL public booking system. The Club/Lodge Portal does not apply to Turoa.

The URL to access the site is https://evacheck.in/whakapapa-overnight

The PIN is available only via our club booking officers when your accommodation is confirmed.

Please keep your Club PIN confidential. Do not post the PIN on social media or web site.

The club/lodge portal is a trial and although the new portal for clubs has tried to cater for as much practicality as possible, future improvements may be needed. Please respect and embrace the new system as a trial and provide feedback via the club committee.

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