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New Website

Our new web site is live and this website will soon be removed. The new site will be found here at https://www.mtsc.nz. Please be sure to bookmark this address.

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Club nights now starting at 7:00 pm

Club nights will start at 7:00 pm, as from 1 August 2023.  The location remains unchanged, and meetings will continue to be held at the Rose City Aquatic Clubrooms, 50  Park Road, Palmerston North (next to the Lido Aquatic Centre) unless otherwise noted.  Please update your calendar accordingly.

New Committee

Congratulations to the incoming committee for 2023-24. We welcome Linda Campbell as secretary, Anne Jolly as membership secretary, and John Salisbury and Rob Pringle to the general committee. A big "thank you" to Sue Nicholson, Richard Lander and Peter Rawlins who are taking a break from committee work. Nicki Fielder is our social convenor.

For a list of the new committee and appointments, please see the Contacts page

Download the AGM 2023 booklet here.


Subscriptions were due by 30 April, and invoices and reminders have been sent out. If you did not receive yours, then please check your email "junk" or "spam" folders and contact the Membership Secretary ASAP.

Paid-up members of MTSC will receive their latest FMC "Backcountry" bulletin and discount card in mid-late June. The FMC card gives discounts on travel services (including annual DoC hut passes), equipment, publications and other services, from a long list of suppliers.

If you no longer wish to be a member of MTSC then please drop an email to the Membership Secretary.

Lodge Work Parties - 2023

The lodge toilet renovation is now complete.

The next workparty will be the Lodge Food Carry, currently scheduled for the weekend of 30 June - 2 July 2023.

Health and Safety Policy

An updated health and safety policy has been released.

Covid-19 Update

MTSC follows the Government's guidance and policies about Covid-19. Masks are not required to be worn in the minibus, at clubnights or at the lodge. However, we respect that some people will still want to wear a mask and we encourage people to do so.

Please do not come to clubnights, use the minibus or go to the lodge if you have any cold or 'flu'-like symptoms, or if you suspect that you may have Covid-19.

Minibus Rates

The minimum rate for the minibus is 60c per km, with a minimum per person rate of 10c per km. This means if there are only 5 people travelling in the minibus, then the rate is 12c/km per person; for 4 people the rate is 15c/km/person, etc.

Trip Card - 2023

The MTSC Trip Card is available online and will continue to be updated

Thank you to all of you who have offered to lead trips - we couldn't provide such an interesting menu of destinations without you. Contact the Chief Guide if you wish to add a trip or two.

MTSC Lodge

The lodge at Ruapehu is a great launching pad for your Winter and Summer adventures. See the lodge page for further details.


Coming up...

Tuesday 1 August 2023 - 7:00 pm

Annual Photo Competition

Rose City Aquatic Club Rooms, 50 Park Road, Palmerston North (next to the Lido)


See our new website https://www.mtsc.nz for further details.

Tuesday 1 August 2023 - 7:00 pm

Annual Photo Competition

Rose City Aquatic Club Rooms, 50 Park Road, Palmerston North (next to the Lido)


See our new website https://www.mtsc.nz for further details.


Lodge image

The club has a lodge on Mt Ruapehu where members and their guests can stay for skiing, climbing and tramping trips.


We run a variety of tramping and skiing trips for all ages and abilities.

Weekend Trips (including Sunday day trips)

March Meeting this month: 7 (Club Night)
10-11Marshalling Ruapehu Trail FestivalKen Mercer027 364 6475
11MTB Back Track PNAlan Hawkins021 062 4106
25-26Western side of TaranakiMLinda Campbell027 333 4493
April Meeting this month: 4 (Club Night)
15MTB Kimbolton areaERoyce Mills021 055 2527
23Ohingaiti BouldersMLinda Campbell027 333 4493
May Meeting this month: 2 (Club Night)
13MTB Dam BlockJudy Swainson021 030 3425
20Manawatu Gorge "Amble or Scramble"MTim Swale022 134 8384
June Meeting this month: 6 (Club Night)
10MTB TBCChris Brunskill021 0267 4246
17-18MTSC Midwinter Potluck at LodgeAllNicki Fielder 022 515 3807
30-2Lodge food carryAllHowie Nicholson0272 941 941
July Meeting this month: 4 (Club Night)
8-9MTB Wellington ridesMTim Swale022 134 8384
August Meeting this month: 1 (Club Night)
12MTB Waitarere northEOwen Mills021 040 4587
September Meeting this month: 5 (Club Night)
9MTB TBCEChris Brunskill021 0267 4246
October Meeting this month: 3 (Club Night)
14-15MTB 42nd TraverveDMary/Ken Mercer027 372 5375
November Meeting this month: 7 (Club Night)
December Meeting this month: 5 (Club Night)
9-10MTB Rotorua Forest LoopMNicki Fielder022 515 3807

Wednesday Trips (Easy/Medium)

17Ross PeakJenny Williamson06 328 6857
24Mikimiki Track or to Blue RangeHarold Pettersson021 047 2055
31Explore Near Gordon Kear ForestEwen Cameron022 034 1180
7Six Discs/Gable End track/ Waiopehu,Denise Shailer027 386 1733
14Tunipo + Alice Nash Afternoon TeaNicki Fielder022 515 3807
21Longview HutMary Mercer027 372 5375
2880th Birthday party at Bason GardensMarion Beadle021 206 7046
5Ken Mercer027 364 6475
12Wendy Williams027 240 2727
19Pukerua Bay Te Harakeke/Tua TapuBill Milham027 4433 324
26Robyn Laing021 267 8328
2Anne West021 0266 6860
9Number 1 Line to pt 1011Geoff McKay027 4988 376
16Cheryl D & Marilyn H021 374 882
23Alan Hawkins021 062 4106
30Margaret McKenzie022 473 1096
6John Salisbury021 160 2869
13Trevor Bain021 111 6792
20Anja Scholz027 749 5811
27Lyn Lewis027 431 3836
4Mary Mercer027 372 5375
11Rod McKenzie027 246 8156
18Carole Kennerley027 264 0232
25Ewen Cameron022 034 1180
1Christine Finnigan027 230 5032
8Harold Pettersson021 047 2055
15Jenny Williamson06 328 6857
22Denise Shailer027 386 1733
29Leonie Lowndes027 359 5015
6Nicki Fielder022 515 3807
13Ewen Cameron022 034 1180

Thursday Trips (Easy + Medium)

8Wayne Lincoln021 0680 5237
15William Laing022 099 7988
22Judy Swainson06 358 4082
29Jenny McCarthy021 215 2197
6Carolyn Brody027 358 6037
13Bill Milham027 443 3324
20Ken Mercer027 364 6475
27Alistair Hall06 357 1832
3Nicki Fielder021 215 2197
10Tim Swale022 134 8384
17Wayne Lincoln021 068 5237
24Audrey Shepherd027 819 0155
31Jenny McCarthy021 215 2197
7William Laing022 099 7988
14Chris Mercer021 292 6292
21Judy Swainson021 030 3425
28Tony Evans027 829 3069
5Anja Scholz027 749 5811
12Christine Scott021 724 098
19Jeff Baldwin027 448 4483
26Suzanne Clark021 078 6279
2Christine Finnigan027 230 5032
9Jinny Anderson021 0220 9874
16Royce Mills021 055 2527
23Ian August021 261 3989
30Geoff Jameson027 449 5851
14Group picnicWilliam Laing022 099 7988


The latest version of Beechleaves , our monthly newsletter, is available here to download. Previous editions can be downloaded from our newsletter archive.

Members receive their newsletter (in colour) via email or the MTSC web page.

About MTSC

Membership is now available! Will you join us?

The Manawatu Tramping and Skiing Club is based in Palmerston North and runs weekend and mid-week tramping and skiing trips for all ages and abilities. The club meets on the first Tuesday of each month, where talks are given by different speakers on topics related to the outdoors. Meetings are held at the Rose City Aquatic Clubrooms, 50 Park Road, Palmerston North (next to the Lido Aquatic Centre) and start at 7:30pm. You are very welcome to come along and have a look.


Bank account

The MTSC bank account for depositing your subs, lodge payments etc. is 03-1521-0220353-000 (Westpac)
Please ensure that any payments are clearly identified with your membership code and a description of the payment.

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